Odisha: Girl Students Face Ragging In Keonjhar Engineering College Hostel

**Keonjhar:** At a time when the educational institutions in Odisha should be pondering to improve the State’s position in regard to the illegal act of ragging, another such incident was reported from a girls’ hostel of the Government College of Engineering in Keonjhar today.

Ragging allegations have been brought by some 3rd year girl students residing in the college hostel, Maa Tarini Hall Of Residence. The girls claimed to have been ragged by 4th year girl students for complaining to the superintendent about some irregularities in the hostel.

As per the allegations, a power outage in the hostel had not been restored even after 24 hours, following which the 3rd year girls had apprised the hostel warden about their problems last night, but to no avail.

In absence of electricity and water in the hostel, the girls decided to meet the hostel superintendent over the issue and marched to his private residence. Later, they returned to the hostel and sought apology for disturbing privacy of the superintendent.

Irked over the whole incident, some 4th year girl students ordered the 3rd year girls to stand in a line and humiliated them in front of 2nd year girl students. The 3rd year girl students were forced to stand for hours and were even denied of food and water. All these occurred in presence of the hostel warden, alleged the 3rd year girls.

The matter turned worse when a 3rd year student, unable to bear the torture, lost her sense after which she was admitted to Keonjhar District Headquarters Hospital (DHH).

Following the allegations, Principal of the College, Trilochan Sahu, said that he has received a written complaint on the ragging incident and will take appropriate action after conducting a disciplinary committee meeting.

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