Odisha Govt Calls For Citizen Participation In Budget Making

17 December 2019

Snigdha Chandan Das

Bhubaneswar: The Finance Department has been holding Pre-Budget consultation with a cross section of the society. In the previous years in order to make the budgetary process more open and participative using Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Finance Department have initiated the process of obtaining inputs for Budget preparation through a separate web-portal budget.odisha.gov.in, through e-mail and SMS.

The portal displays all budget related documents. The option of submission of budget suggestion through Whatsapp and Telagram was added in the process of Budget. Now, Finance Department has invited suggestions in a structured format (displayed in the web page) to be used as an input in the process of preparation of Annual Budget 2020-21.

Suggestions can be sent by e-mail to the address odisha.budget@gov.in. Similarly, the Department has also invited suggestions through Whatsapp and SMS to the Mobile number (+91) 9438161111. This faci!ity will be available for a fortnight beginning from 18 December, 2019 till 15th January, 2020.

Members of the public, Civil Society Org-anisation, Advocacy Groups and other stakeholders arc requested to make use of this unique opportunity to participate in the budget making process of the State Government.

"Budget making has been made inclusive in the past couple of years. For 2020-21 annual budget, the Finance Department has sought opinion and suggestions from people of different walks of life. Stakeholders can send their suggestions through emails and other platforms and actively participate in budget making," Finance Depatment Minister, Niranjan Pujari said.

"We have also ensured that all the line Departments of the Government get sufficient time for charting out their requirements and what they expect from the budget. We will hold one-on-one discussion with different departments in this regard before finalising the budget proposal," Finance Secretary Ashok Meena said.

Niranjan Pujari, Minister, Finance, Odisha

Ashok Meena, Finance Secretary, Odisha