Odisha Govt Enhances Performance Incentives Of OLM Community Cadres

**Bhubaneswar: ** Odisha Government has enhanced the performance incentives of the community cadres working with Odisha Livelihoods Mission (OLM) under the Panchayati Raj & Drinking Water (PR&DW) Department.

The monthly honorarium of the CRP-CM, working at the village level will be increased from Rs 1500 to Rs 3000 per month. Similarly, MBK and Bank Mitra working respectively at the GP and bank branch level will get Rs 6000/-per month, which was Rs 3000 earlier. The performance incentives of Krishi Mitras and Prani Mitras will be enhanced from Rs 1500 to Rs 3000 per month.

In addition, the MBK, Bank Mitra, Krishi Mitra and Prani Mitra will get fixed travel allowance of Rs 500 per month. Telephone allowance Rs 100 per month to CRP-CM and Rs 250 per month to MBK, Bank Mitra, Krishi Mitre and Prani Mitra has also been provisioned.

Besides, all these cadres will get performance bonus on delivering certain additional responsibilities.


**Monthly Compensation Rs 3000 p/m **

(Out of the above, Rs 500 for VRF management will be paid from the date of release of VRF to respective CLF)

**Performance Bonus:**

**i.** For inclusion of target HHs into SHG (After CRP round):

**•** Up-to 80% inclusion: Rs. 500 per new SHG and Rs 50 per member included into existing SHG

**• ** 80% to 90% inclusion: Rs 750 per new SHG and Rs 75 per member included into existing SHG

**•** 90% inclusion: Rs 1000 per new SHG and Rs 100 per member included into existing SHG

**ii.** Gradation of SHG: Rs 200 per CLF per annum (Rs 100 per gradation x 2

**Monthly Compensation: Rs 6000 p/m **

**Performance Bonus: **

**i.** Aadhaar & O-AABY
Data Entry (Renewal/ New): Rs 10 per SHG and Rs 10 per NH/ student.

**ii.** Training and post placement tracking of youth under DDU-GKY: Rs 325 per candidate.

**iii.** Preparing GPLF level Annual Ft Plan: Rs 200

**iv.** Rs 1000 per quarter if Portfolio at Risk (PAR) of GPLF

**Monthly Compensation Rs 6000/- p/m **

**Performance Bonus**

**i. ** Rs 1000 per GP to become NPA free (once in a year)
Monthly Compensation: Maximum up to Rs 3000 p/m (@Rs 20 per household p/m, maximum up to 150 farmers)

**Performance Bonus **

**i.** Management of CFC: Rs 500 per month.

**Monthly Compensation: **

Maximum up to Rs 3000 p/m (@Rs 20/- per household p/m, maximum up to 150 households)

**Performance Bonus **

**i.** Buck/Ram rearing & rotation by individual producer/SHG: Rs1000 per buck per year. (The amount may be realised from GPLF after verification)

**ii.** Identification of Goatery & Poultry Cluster: Rs 500 per Cluster (One time)

As per the press release issued by the PR&DW Department, OLM is implementing the Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana-National Rural Livelihoods Mission, a flagship scheme since 2012, and prior to that a World Bank Assisted Project named TRIPTI.

Both these programmes aim at poverty eradication through sustainable livelihoods promotion among the rural poor.

OLM has been implementing these schemes through community based organizations like women Self Help Groups (SHGs) and their federations.

OLM adopts a community driven approach where support services are provided to the rural households through a cadre of community extension workers such as CRP-CM, MBK, Bank Mitra, Krishi Mitra, Prani Mitra, etc.

There are nearly 30,000 such women cadres working in the State, who in turn are provided with performance incentives against their services by the Odisha Livelihoods Mission (OLM). They are not only delivering their services for OLM, but are also engaged in other departments’ works like Swachha Bharat Mission, MGNREGS, Agriculture, Fishery & Animal Resources Development, etc.

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