Odisha Govt Issues Guidelines For Covid Protocol In Healthcare Facilities

Bhubaneswar: In consideration of the recent resurgence in Covid cases in the State the Directorate of Health Services has issued a circular to the Superintendents of all Medical Colleges & Hospitals; Director of Capital Hospital, Bhubaneswar and RCH, Rourkela; and CDM & PHOs of all districts to maintain social distancing to decongest the health facilities and also to see that health care personnel, as well as non-Covid patient, do not get infected.

According to the circular following steps are to be taken up in addition to the action point communicated in the guideline vide letters March 18, 2020, & May 15, 2020:

  1. Strict enforcement of Covid appropriate behaviour in hospital with infection control measures.
  2. Central registration is to be suspended for the time being and manual registration to be taken up with due social distancing measure in each OPD to avoid large gathering at Central Registration Counter.
  3. Non-essential admission is to be avoided.
  4. All elective surgeries are to be stopped and emergency surgeries need to be taken up with universal precautions.
  5. In indoor one attendant is to be allowed for the serious patient and no attendant to be allowed inside the ward for ambulatory patient.
  6. In OPD the medical officer should avoid advising frequent re-visit of the patients if not required.
  7. Media may not be allowed inside OPD & IPD.
  8. The number of DDC counters should be increased and social distancing enforced.
  9. Dedicated fever clinic, isolation ward & testing facilities are to be established as per the previous guideline.
  10. Must have facilities to deal with all types of emergency procedure including maternity and child care with Covid prevention protocol.
  11. People are to be encouraged to utilise existing telemedicine services for their ailments.
  12. CDM&PHOs/ The Director, Capital Hospital, Bhubaneswar/ RGH, Rourkela / The Superintendents, all Medical College & Hospitals are to enforce the above protocol in all health facilities (both Govt & Pvt).
  13. To ensure that no emergency case is denied timely medical care in the name of Covid.
  14. Ensure adequate signage / IEC material in strategic locations of the hospital to sensitise the patient & general public about Covid appropriate behaviour.
  15. Any other steps are to be adopted by Hospital Administration depending on the local situation to ensure social distancing & infection control in hospitals.