Odisha Health Bond Policy To Check Brain Drain Of Doctors, MBBS To Deposit Rs 1.5 Cr For Pursuing PG Course Outside

Bhubaneswar: In a bid to keep a tab on shortage of doctors and check further brain drain from the State, Odisha Government today finalized its Health Bond Policy following which an MBBS graduated from the State-run medical colleges here have to deposit Rs 1.5 crore for pursuing PG course outside.

Informing media at the Lok Seba Bhawan (State Secretariat) here, Odisha Health Minister Naba Kishore Das said, “Today we have finalized our Health Bond Policy. The medicos who wish to further pursue PG (post graduation) after MBBS from Odisha, they will have to deposit minimum bond of Rs 1.5 crore. Those who wish to pursue Super Specialty course will have to deposit minimum Rs 2 crore bond.”

He added, “Earlier the amount was very less following which the medicos used to graduate from the Odisha Government-run medical colleges and leaving the State. Hence, we were having shortage of doctors here in our State. The Bond Policy will now be enforced after this year’s admission.”

He also informed, “I have already informed that we are going in for this bond policy and 68 years have been enhanced to 70 years for the retired doctors engaged in special posts.”

“Previously the bond was of Rs 36 lakhs. Now it has been increased to Rs 1.5 crore. Now those medicos who will graduate from Odisha will stay here in Odisha for a period of minimum two years. If they deposit this amount of bond, they will be allowed to leave Odisha,” explained the Health Minister.


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