Odisha Hockey Men’s World Cup: The Lively, Fun Crowd That Cheered Team India To Smashing Victory On Day 1

**Bhubaneswar:** The saying ‘Fans Make The Person A Star’ was witnessed in the Day 1 of Odisha Hockey Men’s World Cup as an enthusiastic crowd cheered Team India to a smashing victory against South Africa with the end score of 5-0. The state-of-the-art Kalinga Stadium was filled with hockey fans to the brim, who were there to witness the Day 1 of the mega sporting extravaganza and their combined enthusiasm and energy proved wonders for World No. 5 Team India.

Every time the ball was being tackled by an Indian player, the stadium thundered with loud cheers. The first goal by Mandeep Singh in the first quarter of the game was met with echoing applause and hooting. The fans were not there to just witness the match, they were there to be a part of the team and indulge in the adrenaline-rush experience. Their love for the sport and the nation clearly reflected in their actions as many in the crowd and painted the Indian flag on their faces and stood proudly waving the Tricolor.

The crowd’s response to the two goals by midfielder Simranjeet Singh on 43rd and 46th minute was absolutely delightful. And not just for the India vs South Africa match, hockey fans and Odia spectators also filled the galleries for the Belgium vs Canada match and made them feel at home. Instead of behaving rowdily or belittling the other team, this was a crowd that was concerned with cheering its home team to a smashing victory and was there to genuinely support a sport that is often meted out step-motherly attitude in the national level.

Bhubaneswar might not be the birthplace of hockey, but everyone here will convince you that this where its soul resides. The crowds, the flavour, the spirit and spiritual home of the game is all here.

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