Odisha: Honeybee Attack On Public In State Secretariat

**Bhubaneswar:** Honey bees reigned terror in the State Secretariat today after a honeycomb on the premises was disturbed during the afternoon. A majority of the affected persons were tribal people who had come to participate in a State level programme on Friday.

The incident took place during afternoon today when the tribals were waiting for the programme to begin. According to eye-witnesses, the honeycomb in the verandah of the building was disturbed after which the bees went berserk.

The honeybees stormed at public who were present on the premises of the Secretariat close to the honeycomb. Many of them suffered major bee stings due to the swarm attack by the agitated bees.

The poor victims ran here and there on the lawns of the Secretariat to escape the violent honeybees, but to no respite. A number of the victims have been admitted to the Capital Hospital and undergoing treatment. Their condition is stated to be stable.

According to sources, men, women and children belonging to 62 indeginous tribes from nine districts of Odisha are scheduled to participate in a programme tomorrow. The event will be held at Utkal Mandap on Friday and Naveen was scheduled to shoot a promotional video with the tribal people today.