Odisha: How Not To Construct An Over-Bridge, Bomikhal Flyover Is The Most Glaring Example

Bhubaneswar: The newly constructed Bomikhal overbridge in a complete mess. Name a flaw and you will find it existing on this flyover which has had a dark past while the structure was being constructed. A faulty design, worst quality concrete used in metalling the road, undulating terrain leading to water-logging and road directional defects, the loopholes on this bridge are plenty.

The faulty design of this bridge was exposed right after a few days it was opened for public thoroughfare. It took at least two months for the public commuters to fathom, which ways of commuting on this bridge is legal. This led to a number of freak mishaps till the Commissionerate of Police installed barriers/dividers and boards signalling the ‘wrong ways’.

With the arrival of monsoons the matters have turned worse. Frequent water logging midway on the bridge is nightmarish, especially for the two-wheeler riders. Barely five months into its inaugurations and potholes have appeared on this flyover, making the drive on this stretch bumpy as well as scary.

There is a board installed at the starting point of this bridge from Esplanade. This signage forbids commuters coming from Rasulgarh to take this bridge. However, the over conscious public of Bhubaneswar give two cents to this warning. Two-wheeler riders and drivers of bigger vehicles take a wrong way from Esplanade square and proceed towards the Bomikhal over-bridge, thereby flouting the traffic norm blatantly.

This has led to a number of accidents at the Esplanage junction. The situation at the T-junction (centre) of the bridge is utterly chaotic at the peak hours. The barriers installed to prohibit wrong-way driving, is barely respected by the two-wheeler riders.

This apart, people from Bomikhal and Rasulgarh are complaining as their entry into Sahid Nagar has been restricted after closure of the railway gate. “We need to cover a long distance on Cuttack Road and take a U-Turn to approach the flyover and proceed towards Sahid Nagar. The railway gate crossing was convenient for us,” a commuter said.

Hit with manpower crunch, the Commissionerate of Police is not able to man the entry and exit points of this bridge and penalise wrong-side drivers. The situation of this bridge has exposed the bad engineering, bad design and worse directional sense of the Works Department which has constructed this bridge.