Odisha Jewellers Association Seeks Clarity On Metrology Rules

Cuttack: Days after Consumer Welfare Minister Ranendra Pratap Swain stated that some top and reputed jewellers in State have been caught cheating consumers in weight and purity, the All Odisha Jewellers Association have sought a clarity on the Legal Metrology rules.

The association alleged that during the inspections carried out at jewellery stores across the State, the Inspector of Legal Metrology only found the weights not placed near the weighing balance and mentioned it in the inspection report as an offence.

As no discrepancy in weights and measures has been found during the inspection, there is no question of cheating, said organising secretary of the association, Dilip Kumar Prusty.

Jewellers have only been asked get the weighing balance stamped by the Inspector of Legal Metrology which is done every year without any fail and the issued verification certificate is fixed near the machine. The Directorate Of Legal Metrology have never mentioned about the rule of placing the weights near the weighing balance, he added.

It was after media broadcasted the news that jewellers are duping buyers in weight and purity, the association met the Director of Legal Metrology and submitted an application demanding clarification on the rules. The next meeting in this regard is scheduled to be held on December 19.

Prusty further said that as the Government of India has assigned an agency for hallmark stamping, any discrepancy in the purity of gold is out of question. Even if any impurity is found after that, the person or organisation responsible should be punished.

Dilip Kumar Prusty, Organising Secretary, Odisha Jewellers Association


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