Odisha Limping Back To Normalcy After FANI





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Bhubaneswar: Post cyclone situation has been fast limping back to normal in Cyclone affected areas of the State. Human casualty could be limited to two digits due to timely evacuation of the people earlier. The basic necessities of the affected people are being met on war footing.

Before FANI all overhead water tanks of rural and urban areas were kept full to meet the contingency. Required manpower and machineries were brought from even Kolkata and Gujurat by Helicopter and Air Cargo to operationalize Mundali reservoir. Water tankers, PVC tanks, Gen sets were used to mitigate the plight of the affected people.

This was the result of preparedness of State Government for which 100 per cent water supply was possible in record time. The real challenge was power restoration in affected areas post FANI. Power supply could be restored in many areas due to concerted effort of authorities, workers, technicians, volunteers, even the ITI/Polytechnic students. Unshaken in hard weather, steadfast in sincerity and duty, these people succeeded in bringing back electric connection to lacs of households.

Apprehension of large scale human casualty could be averted due to alertness and preparedness of OSDMA, administration of affected Districts, various Government Departments, Non-Government workers, Meteorological Department and volunteers. The objective was to keep human casualty to zero, but despite the ferocity and wrath of the cyclone the death toll remained 64 which is comparatively below than the casualty suffered in Mozambique due to cyclone of lower magnitude recently. The death toll was more than 1000 in that South-Eastern African Country.

The central delegation has praised the rescue, relief and restoration measures undertaken by State Government in such a trying time. The efforts also been lauded by International agencies vociferously. In short Government and private agencies have worked hand in hand to ameliorate the situation by strong will power, hard work and resilience of the people.

It is proved that natural calamity can damage our property and resources but cannot dampen our courage and spirit. Whole state is unitedly fighting against all odds at this critical juncture to rebuild our State.

Meanwhile, distribution of relief materials among cyclone affected people is carried out on war footing. 94.1 per cent of beneficiaries have been provided with Cash component in Puri District while it has come to 98.3 per cent in Khurda District. 99.3 per cent of beneficiaries have been given cash in Kendrapada District and it is 97.7 per cent in Cuttack District.

Similarly 87.2 per cent of beneficiaries have been provided cash component in BMC. Total beneficiaries covered in cash component have been more than 95 per cent in the affected Districts. Similarly rice component distribution has been 96.6 per cent, 99 per cent, 97.34 per cent, 98.5 per cent, 77.3 per cent and 94.6 per cent in Puri, Jagatsinghpur, Kendrapada, Cuttack, BMC and Khordha respectively.

Besides, polythene or cash in lieu of polythene component has been distributed to 92 per cent, 64.3 per cent, 98.8 per cent, 83 per cent, 97.5 per cent and 98 per cent of beneficiaries in Khordha, BMC, Cuttack, Puri, Kendrapada and Jagatsinghpur respectively.

Power restoration was a measure challenge in post FANI period because power infrastructure was severely damaged. Energy restoration needed repairing of 220 and 132 KV lines as well as to activate ancillary and allied systems. Authorities, Workers, Employees along with the volunteers continued their sincere effort to restore power supply.

In Cuttack Electrical Division CDD-I 100 percent connectivity has been restored. In CDD-II about 61,000 consumers out of around 69,000 consumers have been supplied power while in Cuttack CED division around 71,200 rural and urban consumers have been provided power connection out of 95,600.

In BCDD-I 100 percent consumers have already been covered while in BCDD-II about 1,35,040 rural and urban consumers out of 1,47,531 consumers have been given power supply. Similarly in BED 1,08,050 rural and urban consumers have been covered out of 1,09,984.

In Jagatsinghpur Electrical Division JED, 38 feeders out of 43 have become operational and so 85,903 consumers have been provided electricity connection out of 1,16,215. In Paradeep (PED) division, total 24 feeders have become operational while 93,394 out of 1,01,228 consumers have been provided with power supply.

In Puri out of 56 feeders, 07 have been made operational and substantial growth in number of connection has been made. In NED (Nimapada) out of 28 feeders 5 feeders have been operational and around 9,000 consumers have been given power supply. 24 x 7 effort is being made to restore power supply in Puri District.

All master switching centres are restored. Mobile tower coverage has been 85 per cent in Khurda, 59 per cent in Puri, 93 per cent in Cuttack District, 86 per cent in Bhubaneswar city, 60 per cent in Puri town and 93 per cent in Cuttack town.

In Puri 23 BTS (Base Trans-receiver Station) are functioning. Similarly 23 CoWs are functioning in Puri District. Today BSNL has started CoW service at Brahmagiri. Similarly, 10 Airtel, 6 Jio and 6 Vodafone-Idea CoWs service are functioning in Puri District. In Khurda and Cuttack District BSNL Fixed Landline Exchanges are fully functional, whereas in Puri District out of 41 fixed Landline Exchanges 34 are functioning.

Intra Circle Roaming (ICR ) continues only for Puri District. BSNL and Jio mobile coverage are fully functional in all 11 block Head quarters of Puri District. Similarly, except Satyabadi block Airtel, Vodafone-Idea mobile coverage are functioning.

In Puri District 93.69 per cent of Bank Branches have been operational. In Khurda, Cuttack, Jagatsinghpur and Ganjam the percentage has come up to 98.63, 99.49, 97.56, 99.77 respectively. In Kendrapada the functioning in Bank Branches have become 100 percent.

Similarly ATMs functioning in Puri, Khurda, Cuttack, Jagatsinghpur, Ganjam and Kendrapada have been 34.91 per cent, 74.24 per cent, 78.92 per cent, 78.84 per cent, 99.62 per cent and 83.63 per cent respectively.

Extensive arrangement is being planned for plantation to create a new green cover. Priority has been given to create a green barricade in the coastal area and to replant and restore the partly uprooted trees. About 130.50 lakhs new trees will be planted out of which Forest Department plant 80.5 lakh trees and 50 lakh new trees will be planted by different educational institutions and in industrial and private areas.

In order to restore comparatively large trees an action plan has been prepared. These large trees will be planted in Balukhanda reserve forest area and in different parks and roads of Cuttack, Puri and Bhubaneswar urban areas.

All modern and developed techniques will be adopted. Different varieties of cyclone resistant tress like Neem, Karanja, Baula, Jamu, Korila, Chatian, Khaira, Arjun, Mahyoni, Ashok, Harida, Bahada, Shisu, Katha Champa, Dimiri will be planted. Comparatively short height trees will be planted near electrical lines in order to avoid loss to life and property. 22 lakh trees have been destroyed causing an extensive damage to the tune of Rs.537 crore so far as forest infrastructure is concerned.


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