Odisha Lockdown: Police Commissioner Appeals Not To Rush To Police Stations For Passes

Bhubaneswar: Twin city Police Commissioner Sudhansu Sarangi has refuted all rumours that curfew passes are being issued by police stations to the general public. In a tweet, he made it very clear that the passes are being issued to only emergency services which are exempted by the State Government. He has appealed to the common public not to rush to the nearby police stations.

In another tweet, he clarified, “People are in two categories. 1: Emergency workers, and 2: others who might need to travel e.g people going to hospitals, etc.

The emergency workers are getting vehicle passes and can use their identity card still passes are issued. Others will be permitted for specific purpose and duration.

Worth mentioning, the Odisha government has declared a complete lockdown in all the 30 districts till March 29 until further notice.


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