Odisha: Man Impersonates Patnagarh MLA, Gets Arrested

Balangir: A 25-year old man posing as Patnagarh MLA Saroj Meher has been arrested on Monday by the district Police.

The accused, Lokan Mishra, hails from Barpalipada in Balangir district. He had created a fake account on Facebook in which he impersonated sitting Patnagarh MLA Saroj Meher and used to make shady transactions in name of Meher.

In one such case, Mishra messaged from the fake account to one Sriram Das, owner of a mobile phone store owner, and demanded a smartphone from him.

Das, in turn, informed the MLA in this matter who then filed a Police complaint.

Patnagarh Police planned to entrap Mishra. He was informed via Sriram Das that his smartphone is being sent to him through a Balangir-bound bus and he is to collect it. Now MLA Meher’s two acquaintances were present in the bus.

The accused was apprehended as he received the smartphone. He was immediately taken into custody. And after interrogation he has been placed under arrest.


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