Odisha: Miniature Artist Eswar Sculpts Church Inside Bottle On Christmas

Bhubaneswar: To mark the arrival of Christmas season, Jatni-based artist, L Eshwar Rao, has created miniature sculptures depicting Jesus Christ, churches and Santa Clause.

The miniature artists creates marvellous sculptures on occasions and presents them for public display. “For this year, I created a church inside the bottle which is 8 inches long. The sculpture is six inches wide,” he said.

Eswar has used mud, water, paper, glass pieces and matchsticks. It took him more than a week to create the classic miniature work. “I want to spread the message of universal humanity, peace and love with my sculpture and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and very Happy New Year,” said Eswar.

With a distinction of sculpting a series of miniature art and sculptures, Eshwar has been practising the art form for the last 20 years. His unique works include stone crafts in bottle, soap carving, wood carving, coal carving, stone carving and tamarind seeds carving.

Eswar, Miniature Artist

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