Odisha: People Of Cut-Off Areas In Malkangiri Willing To Vote, Participate In Mainstream

**Bhubaneswar:** Over the past one year the cut-off areas of Malkangiri have witnessed significant inclusiveness of the locals. Thanks to the sense of safety imbibed by the security forces in the areas once dreaded for Maoist activities, the people of the hamlets here are willing to participate in the elections.

DG Police Dr RP Sharma who visited Malkangiri to meet the team which carried out a successful operation on Monday, said that during the last one year BSF and SOG presence has substantially increased in the affected areas because of which the security environment has improved. “Once there is a sense of security people will willingly participate in the election process.”

During the past one year the State police have setup three camps in Jantapai, Mahupadar and Badigeta, which used to be operational areas for the Maoists. Last panchayat elections, the Maoists had looted the EVM equipment from Mahupadar. After one successful encounter in March 2018 in Mahupadar, the State police established a camp and secured the area.

“We have setup many camps in the interior areas which was an extremely difficult task. Right from identifying the land, digging bore-wells to setting up the brick and mortar units, it was the State police which supplied and transported logistics. Making the camp operational was a major success,” a senior police official said.

Badigeta camp is very interior in Kalimela police limits. All the aforementioned areas were operational dens of the Maoists before one year. People in these areas now want roads and telecommunication. They are conscious and understand that for availing medical facilities (ambulance service) they need to have phones and roads.

On the other hand, Sharma lauded the security forces for the operation and called it a clinical strike. “The operation on Monday was a clinically executed operation because it was carried out in a hamlet which has local habitation. The security forces ensured that no villagers were hurt in the operation.”


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