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Odisha: Pet Dog Fights Cobra To Save Owner's Life In Capital City

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07 June 2019

Snigdha Chandan Das

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Bhubaneswar: Dogs have always proved to be man’s best friend. In one such incident, a pet dog saved his owner's life as he valiantly fought a poisonous cobra in capital city's Canal Road area under Badagada police limits on Thursday night. 

Sandeep Dash's pet dog of German Shepherd breed started barking loudly and got into a furious battle with the five-feet-long reptile in a bid to foil its plan to enter the house. After 30 minutes of fight, the snake was rendered unconscious, with several injury marks on its body, just a few feet away from the main entrance.

“We heard continuous barking in the middle of the night. When we looked outside, we found a cobra lying still near our doorstep and our dog was guarding the entrance. We understood that dog had battled the snake and immediately rushed our beloved pet to veterinary doctors at OUAT," the dog's owner narrated.

The dog was given two injections, anti-venom medicine and is currently being administered saline in the home. The timely and heroic deed of the dog saved the whole family from untimely death. Later in the night, Snake Helpline officials reached Sandeep's home and recovered the snake.

This is the second such case in this year. In March, a loyal Dalmation dog named Tyson had sacrificed his own life to save his owner’s family from a venomous cobra in Jatni.

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Sandeep Dash