Odisha Police Prays For Departed COVID Warriors, Pledges Greater Commitment

Bhubaneswar: Today Odisha observed two noble events, one was to honour the COVID warriors who are working relentlessly and commemorate those who sacrificed their lives to save us from COVID-19, Director General of Police Abhay said.

Speaking to media persons after participating in the silent prayer and oath administered by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, Abhay said, “Six COVID warriors of Odisha Police have been martyred in the battle against novel Coronavirus. There are thousands of COVID warriors of Odisha police who are engaged in duty day in and day out.”

These men and women of Odisha police are working under considerable risks but they are committed to the cause of protect the people of Odisha from COVID-19, he added. “Today, we all have pledged to be more firm on our commitment and serve the people of this State with much greater spirit.”

The DGP urged everyone to strictly follow the COVID guidelines. That would be the biggest honour for the COVID warriors, he said. “Social distancing, mask wearing, hand hygiene is essential. Please follow these.”

“According to my observation, as compared to other countries, the situation in Odisha is better. By and large, people of Odisha are following the COVID guidelines. A minor sect of people are violating. I would appeal them once again, for the safety of your own and others, follow the guidelines,” said Abhay.

The oath taking ceremony and silent prayer was observed in all police stations and police headquarters of different districts across the State.

Abhay, DG Police, Odisha


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