Odisha: Bhubaneswar Salia Sahi Rinku Swain Murder Case Prime Accused, 4 Others Arrested

Bhubaneswar: Nayapalli police today arrested five persons including prime accused Sobhraj Maharana alias Sikon in the 2019 Salia Sahi Rinku Swain murder case, police said.

Police have seized an air gun and a motorcycle from their possession, it added.

“In 2019 on May 29, one person identified as Rinku Swain was murdered in a group attack within Nayapalli police station limits. Two of the accused persons were arrested then. Another five accused have been arrested by the Nayapalli police today. They are being forwarded to court,” informed Umashankar Dash, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Bhubaneswar.

“They are Balaram Barik, Soumya Ranjan Mohapatra, Ganesh Behera, Sobhraj Maharana, and Achyutananda Das. A motorcycle and an air gun have been seized from their possession,” Dash added.

Sobhraj had allegedly hurled crude bombs at Rinku in front of Tsunami Club at Salia Sahi on May 29 in 2019 leading to the latter’s death. Previous enmity between the two is said to be the reason behind the murder.

While ten persons were involved in the murder, three have been arrested earlier and two are still at large.

Sobhraj is a hardened criminal and is involved in several crimes including the Rs 60,000 loot in Athagarh and the firing at a liquor shop in Gurudijhatia with the purpose of loot, police sources said.

After committing the murder Sobhraj had fled to Chennai but due to the lockdown had he had returned to Odisha and was working in a rice mill at Barunei, the sources added.

Umashankar Dash, DCP, Bhubaeswar