Odisha Proves Cyclone FANI Cannot Dampen Its Courage & Spirit

Bhubaneswar: People of Odisha have again proved that a natural calamity can damage their property and resources but cannot dampen their courage and spirit. It has become possible because of strong will power, hard work and indomitable courage which paid dividends and the situation has improved a lot.

Whole state is unitedly fighting against all odds at this critical juncture to rebuild the state. State Government, OSDMA, Administration of affected districts, different Department and NGOs are working day in and day out to normalise the Post FANI Situation.

Urban and rural water supply system has been revived. Apart from that, due to proper management in relief distribution more that 95% people of affected areas could be provided with cash and rice component. Additional monthly pension have been distributed to more that 90 percent beneficiaries.

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has announced a special package of Rs 100 crore from CMRF for the cyclone affected street vendors, loss sustaining coconut farmers and poultry. About 30,000 street vendors of 11 ULBs in affected areas will be provided with a cash assistance of Rs 10,000 each to support the loss of livelihood.

Cash assistance at Rs. 500 per damaged coconut trees will be provided to the affected farmers subject to a limit of 25 trees per farmer. To revive the broiler units in the cyclone affected areas, each farmers will be provided an assistance of 75 per cent subsidy, limited to Rs 1 Lakh per unit of 500 birds. 2000 small broiler poultry unit will be supported through this intervention.

Relief materials in shape of cash have been provided to 94.4 per cent beneficiaries in Puri district while in Khurda, Jagatsinghpur, Kendrapara, Cuttack, BMC 98.6%, 95%, 99.31%, 97.7% and 87.4% of beneficiaries have been covered respectively bringing the total coverage to around 95 per cent.

Similarly, around 95 per cent of beneficiaries have been given Rice Component while the percentage of people covered in the districts of Puri, Jagatsinghpur, Kendrapara, Cuttack, BMC, Khurda have been 96.6, 99, 97.34, 98.5, 81.9 and 97.1 per cent respectively.

Besides, 83.9 per cent beneficiaries in Puri district have been given polythene or cash in lieu of Polythene while percentage of such beneficiaries in BMC and Khurda district have been 87.4% and 84.2% respectively.

On the other hand, additional monthly pension has been disbursed to around 90 percent beneficiaries in the affected areas. Percentage of beneficiaries covered in the districts of Khurda, Cuttack, Puri, Kendrapara and Jagatsinghpur have been 94%, 98.8%, 83.9%, 97.5% and 98% respectively while 64.3% of the beneficiaries have been provided Additional Monthly Pension in BMC.

There has been remarkable progress in energy restoration. While 100 per cent electricity consumers in Kendrapara district have been covered, the coverage has been 91 per cent in Cuttack and 87 per cent in Jagatsinghpur district.

In Cuttack CDD-I division, connection to hundred per cent beneficiaries has been achieved while in CDD-II, around 61,484 out of 69,031 consumers have been provided electricity. Under CED, around 71,200 rural and urban beneficiaries out of 95,599 have been given electricity supply.

In BCDD-I, Bhubaneswar 100 percent consumers have already been covered while in BCDD-II about 1,44,666 rural and urban consumers out of 1,47,531 consumers have been given power supply. Similarly, in BED 1,08,050 rural and urban consumers have been covered out of 1,09,984.

In Jagatsinghpur Electrical Division JED, 41 feeders out of 43 have become operational and 95,870 consumers have been provided electricity connection out of 1,16,215. In Paradeep (PED) division, all 24 feeders have become operational while 93,394 out of 1,01,228 consumers have been provided with power supply.

In Puri out of 56 feeders, 12 have been made operational and 5 feeders out of 28 are working in NED (Nimapada). Till date more than 14,000 consumers of Puri district have been given power supply. All out effort is being made to restore power supply in Puri District in the shortest possible time.


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