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Odisha Ranked 14th In Ease Of Doing Business: Try For Improvement At Ground Level To Fill Up 6% Gap, Says Industries Secretary

11 July 2018

Ajesh Mallick

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Bhubaneswar: In the wake of Government of India’s Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP)’s final rankings of states in Ease of Doing Business and Odisha ranked 14th, Odisha’s Industries Department Secretary Sanjeev Chopra said that all departments will collectively try to improve at the ground level to fill up the gap of 6%.

In his media reactions on Wednesday following the ranking released on Tuesday, Odisha Industries Secretary Sanjeev Chopra said, “Our Compliance percentage in 2016 was 92. This year the Compliance percentage to the points which the Government of India has given is 97.8. So we have done exceedingly well in terms of the Compliance.”

Chopra added, “However, this year the Government of India added another component called Feedback. So the Feedback which was taken from the industries, both large and MSME, that was not satisfactory as it seems. As a result of which they calculated the score based on the Compliance percentage and the Feedback received from the industries.”

He argued, “So after combining both, our score has gone down. It surely means that the reforms undertaken by us, the industry feedback is not up to the mark. So that leaves us a lot of work to do. We’re working on that. We’re trying to see where the feedback come is not up to the mark. We’ll improve on that.”

He further argued, “The total score we have is 92% against the highest 98%. So within a band of six percent the 15 states are clubbed. Hence, if it is 15, it doesn’t mean that we’re very low in terms of Ease of Doing Business. Just means that all the states are competing. There is a healthy competition. And the States are trying to improve the processes. So I don’t think this casts any kind of a doubt on the level of Ease of Doing Business. It should mean that probably we need to ensure that the implementation at the ground level has to be improved.”

“The score which comes is a collective score which reflects the kind of implementation which has happened in the State here. We have not got the report yet. We have to check henceforth. We will review the feedback. We’ll check with the industries. We’re already in touch with the industries. We have to find out why the reforms done have not made any impact on Ease of Doing Business,” Chopra stated.

The Odisha Industries Secretary remarked, “I agree that there is room for improvement and all departments have to come together and improve the things at the ground level.”

In his media reactions, BJD spokesperson Sasmit Patra commented, “The yesterday’s report of Ease of Doing Business in fact reflects Odisha’s growth. With regard to industrial reforms, we were 53% in 2015, we have reached 98% in 2018. Hence, there is a 45% percent of increase in it. This has not been marked in any Indian state.”

“It is evident that we are in the Achiever List. There is a mere gap of 6% with top ranking Andhra. This 6% gap will be covered and in future we will try for the No1 position,” he claimed.

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Sanjeev Chopra, Secretary, Industries, Odisha

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Sasmit Patra, Spokesperson, BJD