Odisha Ready For Annual +2 Exams From March 7-30, Takes Extra Precautions To Curb Malpractice, Question Viral

**Bhubaneswar: ** Odisha Government today held a significant review of its preparedness for the ensuing Annual +2 Exams-2019 to be held from March 7 to 30. This time extra precautionary measures have been taken to curb malpractice and to check question paper viral on social media.

Odisha School & Mass Education Secretary Pradipta Kumar Mohapatra informed media, “Our +2 Exams will begin from March 7 to March 30. The span of the exams will be of 19 days. All preparations have been completed. While the high school exams have 304 hubs, Council Exams will have 202 Exam Management Hubs for storing the question papers. CCTV surveillance and police security will be 24×7.”

He further informed, “The most important decision for +2 Exams was installations of 100% CCTV cameras at the centres. Total 1,091 exam centres are there. Today’s review revealed that 937 centres have alredy been installed with CCTVs,” adding “3,69,000 students will take the exams this year.”

“Whatever precautionary measures have been taken in security arrangements for the high school exams, will be taken. First phase question papers have already reached all the 202 hubs. Second phase question papers will move from March 11. Every day the question papers will be transported by vehicles from the hubs to all the exam centres. Those vehicles will be manned with police security,” he stated.

He also informed, “Additional precaution taken is that twice frisking will be made and no electronic gadgets should be allowed. One is camera in shape of mobile phone and even watches as most of the present day watches have camera facility.”

“Today Odisha Police has agreed to deploy police at every centre. Copy (malpractice) will be checked at any rate. Now every question paper has security code so that a candidate tampering it or making photo will be pinpointed. Even the invigilator of the room as well as the centre can be detected,” warned the School & Mass Education Secretary.

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