Odisha Road Romeo Let Off By Police Stating Mentally Ill

**Puri:** In a bizarre incident, Kumbharpada police let a road romeo off the hook stating him mentally ill after he was thrashed by the locals for passing lewd remarks on two minor girls after stalking them from Medical Chowk to Gundicha Temple here on Thursday.

The accused was identified as Dilip Panda.

Reportedly, Dilip chased the two minor girls from Medical Chowk to Gundicha Temple when they were returning home and verbally assaulted them throughout. The girls were noticed terrified and shivering as they were unable to handle the untoward situation.

Meanwhile, the locals sensed the urgency and came to their help. The locals thrashed the accused badly while the accused cried to leave him.

The parents of the minor reached the spot after getting information. The police were informed and after reaching the spot took the accused into custody. But the man was let off after sometime by the police stating him to be mentally ill.

Such an uncalled-for behaviour has raised eyebrows of many in the pilgrim city here and the incident has been condemned.

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