Odisha’s War Against COVID-19: ‘Listen To The Voice Of God Within You’

25 March 2020


Bhubaneswar: Listen to the voice of God within you in this time of crisis and behave accordingly, advised Odisha government's Chief spokesperson on COVID-19 Subroto Bagchi.

"There is God and Satan in all of us. This is the time to listen to the voice of God within us and behave accordingly," stated Bagchi addressing a scheduled presser at the Geeta Govind Bhawan here today while saying that in such difficult times often there is breakdown of affiliation which leads to apprehension.

Comparing the current crisis arising out of the coronavirus pandemic to something like the situation during the World War-II, the plague epidemic or the influx of thousands of refugees from then East Pakistan during the Bangladesh liberation struggle in 1971, he said in such situations breakdown of affiliation takes place because of the social discord which leads to apprehension. 

The Chief spokesperson advised the people to maintain restraint, respect and trust the system i.e. the government at the Centre and the government in the State.

"We should maintain restraint -by staying inside our homes and not move outside, eat less number of times so that food is left for others who don't have it and refrain from stockpiling of foodstuff out of panic which results in artificial shortages," he explained and added, “Commissions and omissions will happen but we must respect the system and have faith in it". 

Bagchi while telling that he had been asked by the Chief Minister to tell on these four things said, “Together we shall overcome".