Odisha School & College Teachers’ Stir Still On, ‘Nuakhai’ Celebrated On Capital City Street

**Bhubaneswar:** As the school and college teachers are continuing with their marathon strike since August 16 before the Assembly at Lower PMG (Mahatma Gandhi Marg), it all appears that they have resolved not to budge for which they have been celebrating all the major festivals here at the venue of their stir.

Besides ‘Guru Dibas’ (Teachers’ Day), they celebrated ‘Ganesh Puja’ yesterday and ‘Nuakhai’ today even on the street of the capital city here instead of their respective institutions and homes.

In her reactions, an agitating lady teacher Amiyabala lamented, “The festivals which we ought to have celebrated in our schools and colleges and especially today’s festive occasion in our homes, we’re celebrating on the street here. It’s certainly a sad and shameful incident. As we belong to the Hindu culture, we are celebrating here due to our ongoing strike.”

She informed, “Yesterday we celebrated Ganesh Puja here. Earlier we also celebrated Guru Dibas on the street here. Today we’re also celebrating Maa Samaleswari’s mass festival here.”

“We have all contributed a little bit of money to celebrate today’s festival. We have placed Maa Samaleswari’s photo and offering ‘nabarna’ (new rice). We have also prepared ‘khiri’ (sweet dish) from new rice. Also we offered ‘pitha’ (pancake) and fruits. ‘Prasad Sevan’ (dish from offerings) arrangement has been made for all,” she stated.

Odisha School College Teachers’ and Employees’ United Forum convenor Pabitra Mahala averred, “Much before embarking on this strike, we had declared that this is our agitation of strong resolve. It will get pacified the day when the assurance given by Hon’ble Chief Minister and also the deadline assured by the Chief Secretary will be fulfilled and we will all be sanctioned full grant-in-aid along with the service conditions.”

“During our ongoing agitation, whatever festivals and cultural programmes of Odisha will fall, we’ll celebrate them all as we are in a noble profession of teaching,” he declared.

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