Odisha: Shame on These Citizens Who Are Sabotaging ‘Mo Cycle’ Initiative

**Bhubaneswar:** Smart City needs smart citizens. With the launch of State-of-the-art public transport mode such as the ‘Mo Cycle’ initiative, it is imperative that people use the bikes judiciously and with care.

But the Bhubaneswar Development Authority has been having a rough time as of late it has been observed that unscrupulous elements are damaging, disfiguring and misplacing the cycles meant for public use.

Tearing apart the seats and even stealing the parts of ‘Mo Cycle’ bikes by miscreants are cases in point. These incidents have become commonplace across the city.
While the authorities managing the Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS) are yet to identify the offenders, such primitive acts have put the city to shame.

“Cycles are equipped with GPS which can help in locating the units. But if a user damages the parts or steals those, it becomes a difficult affair to track him or her,” AP Bahinipati, an official managing the Mo Cycle initiative said.

Unofficial surveys reveal that the number of users during weekdays have spiked. This shows that the Mo Cycle initiative is becoming popular and a viable option for travelling short distances.

“Apart from curbing pollution and artificial traffic jams, a cycle ride offers a much better panoramic view of the city. The users need to be conscious and resort to such cheap acts which might threaten the sustainability of such a nice initiative,” Akash Mishra, a resident of Gouri Garden said.