Odisha: Sorcerer ‘Treats’ Minor Girl Inside Puri District Headquarters Hospital

**Puri:** Making a dent in centuries of medical and scientific advancements, a sorcerer was seen preforming ‘magic’ and using unproven rituals to cure a minor girl inside the premises of Puri District Headquarters Hospital (DHH).

Daughter of Kailash Behera from Satyabadi had not been keeping well over the last few days. She was not stable mentally as well. She was rushed to Satyabadi Medical and then shifted to the DHH when her condition worsened.

After many days of no improvement, the doctors referred the girl to Cuttack SCB Medical College and Hospital. However, a sorcerer named Rajkishore Mohapatra said that the girl had been possessed by spirits and started working his ‘magic’ on her while she was still on the hospital bed. He conducted rituals with Bel leaves, hibiscus flowers and incense sticks to cure the girl.

Many were left shocked as the entire incident took place in the presence of the hospital staff.

While 21st century is an age of vast development in medical sciences in which doctors and scientists have evolved medicines and equipment to cure most of the diseases and ailments which were once considered incurable, these methods have still not reached several parts of the country.


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