Odisha: Three Awarded Lifer In 2012 Khallikote Murder Case

**Bhubaneswar:** The Additional District Judge of Chhatrapur convicted three accused persons and sentenced them for life imprisonment in connection with the kidnapping and murder of one Yudhisthira Nahak at Khalikote in 2012.

The convicted persons area Dillip Acharya, Pramod Kumar Behera and Krushna Chandra Das. The court has also imposed a fine of Rs 20000 on Dillip and Rs 10000 each for two others.

Reportedly on July 18 in 2012, one Yudhisthira Nahak (58) of Shyamsundarpur was supposed to return to his house after his duty. As he did not return in time, his elder son Sankar Nahak submitted a missing report at Khallikote police station.

Subsequently when Sankar Nahak came to know about kidnapping of his father, he submitted another report at the police station. During investigation it was revealed that in 2002 accused Dillip Acharya collected cash of Rs 160000 from Sankar Nahak with assurance to provide job to him and his younger brother in military. Dillip had also collected similar amounts from others with the same assurance. Years later, Dillip could neither provide job nor return their money.

Finding no other way, Sankar and others compelled Dillip and his father to sell their land against their will. Dillip’s father registered a piece of land in the name of Sankar Nahak’s mother, which became Dillip’s cause of taking revenge.

Out of this grudge, Dillip hatched a criminal conspiracy and on July 18 of 2012, Dillip with the help of his associates kidnapped Sankar’s father Yudhisthira Nahak. Sankar had received threat calls demanding ransom to the tune of Rs16 lakh. Lastly, Dillip and his associates assaulted the Yudhisthira, throttled his neck, murdered him and threw the dead body into the Brahmani river.

Basing on strong circumstantial evidence the accused persons namely Dillip Acharya, Dipak Acharya, Radharamana Acharya, Pramod Behera, Krushna Ch Das, Pritam Sagar Satpathy, Devi Satpathy, Gopa Maharana and Madhusmita Satpathy were arrested on August 6, 2012. While accused Dillip, driver Krushna and Pramod were convicted, all others were acquitted.

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