Odisha: Tusker Electrocuted In Angul

Angul: A carcass of a tusker has been found in the forest near Laxmipur village under Handapa Forest Range in Angul district today.

The tusker which is suspected to have come in search of food to graze in the nearby paddy fields was electrocuted when it came in contact with live electric wires suspected to have been set up as a trap by hunters to hunt wild boars, reports said.

Forest department officials have rushed to the spot, reports added.

Worth mentioning, a few days back, Forest and Environment Minister Bikram Keshari Arukha had apprised members of the Odisha Assembly on the slew of measures being taken to prevent death of elephants after coming in contact with live electric wires.

The Minister had then stated that a whopping 119 elephants had died of electrocution in the last one decade which was approximately, a scary 12 elephants a year on the average.

While elephants continue to die of electrocution, should we then say that the steps taken to arrest deaths of elephants due to electrocution is either not enough or it has failed.

Elephant is a schedule one animal and listed as ‘endangered’ in the International Union of Conservation of Nature’s red list.  


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