Odisha: Woman Dies Of Snake Bite, Relatives Approach Sorcerer To Breathe New Life

**Angul**: In an age when medical sciences and healthcare are scaling heights, a glaring case of superstition to resurrect a dead woman has come to the fore in Bagadia village of Chendipada here.

The woman, identified as Rinki Barik aged about 28 years, fell unconscious after she was bitten by a snake. Her relatives rushed her to a sorcerer but as her condition worsened she was taken to the nearby Community Health Centre where she succumbed.

However, Rinki’s family refused to accept that she was dead and sought for the sorcerer’s assistance again, this time to resurrect the woman.

Today morning, the sorcerer came to the CHC campus and starting chanting spells in an attempt to bring Rinki back to life. The entire episode unfolded before the public, police and hospital staff.

Finally, when all tricks failed, Rinki’s family admitted her death and took the body home and subsequently for cremation.

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