Odisha Youths Murder Businessman In Surat For Rs 70,000, Arrested

**Bhubaneswar**: The Gujarat police have arrested two Odia youths from Ganjam district for murdering a 40-yr-old businessman of Surat identified as Jagdish Patel. The two accused have been identified as Mukesh Sahu and Ravi Behera.

On October 2, the businessman went missing and his dead body was recovered from a village near Sayan town. Police zeroed down on two youths from Odisha to be behind this murder and nabbed them from Ganjam district.

Police sources informed that Jagdish Patel lent Rs 1 lakh to Mukesh Sahu, owner of a small restaurant in Anjani industrial estate. He was able to repay only Rs 30,000. When Patel demanded for the rest amount, Sahu hatched a plan to murder him.

He took the aid of his friend Ravi Behera and asked the businessman to come to Sayan on October 2 to collect the remaining amount. When he reached the place, the duo attacked and killed him on spot. Then they dumped his body and fled the spot.

Moreover, they called his son Vikash asking for a ransom amount of Rs 40 lakh for the release of his father. When Vikash lodged a police complaint regarding the kidnapping of his father, the Amroli police started its investigationand zeroed down on these youths on the basis of their mobile phone location.

On questioning, both of them admitted their crime.