Odisha’s Spandan Mahapatra Among 10 Most Innovative CTOs In 2021

Bhubaneswar: Odisha-born Spandan Mahapatra is among the 10 Most Innovative Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) to watch in 2021 who are playing an influencing role in digital transformation, stated Analytics Insight, a leading media authority in artificial intelligence, big data analytics, robotics, and disruptive technologies.

As per Analytics Insight, Digital transformation remains at the top of the business agenda, and organizations in every sector are grappling with the best way to embrace new technologies to stay ahead of their game.

A CTO takes on the role of the ‘bridge builder’ between the strictly technical components of a transformation strategy and how they can apply to people and processes in the specific context of an organization.

Mahapatra is the Chief Technology Officer, High Tech & Professional Services Industry and Global Head- Digital & Enterprise Transformation Unit at TCS. In his current role, he is responsible for all digital portfolios for the high-tech industry vertical, which is led by a senior management team that is focused on products, platform development, engineering, customer-centric innovation, enabling sales, delivery and competency, and leadership development with a digital revenue target.

Over 22 years of experience across multiple industry verticals, has enabled Mahapatra to appreciate the value of applying technology to realize cross-domain and multi-industry use cases. He has always focused on applying technology for moving the needle on a customer’s growth and transformation initiative by either shaping or accelerating their transformation agenda.

Over the past decade, he has initiated multiple solution portfolios, built TCS Cincinnati Advanced Technology Centre. He started the in-memory computing practice on one of the leading enterprise software platforms at TCS, which drove innovation and industry adoption through a use case and outcome-focused approach. He also subsequently incubated multiple other uses case-centric practices focused on several leading industries as well as the new platforms.

Mahapatra shares that one of the key challenges he faced during the beginning of his career was the composite of the resistance to change in teams, as well as the dynamics at customer organizations with multiple stakeholders who were emphasizing different priorities, which were not always aligned.

He says that in the current technology-led business innovation cycle, talent is the primary fuel for innovation. The right talent will deploy accurate technology to drive innovation. The CTO is responsible for developing and incubating core capabilities in the organization. He states that the key attributes that every CTO should possess are to continuously learn and be hands-on especially on key technologies relevant for the firm to appreciate and appropriately plan the product roadmaps.

Mahapatra suggests that every CTO needs to have the patience to engage and listen to his or her architects and the core development team. A CTO needs to foster a culture and environment of collective problem solving and willingness to engage with business stakeholders in joint ideation sessions with an open mind to drive business initiatives.