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OERC Revises Power Tariff, Consumers To Pay More From October

Bhubaneswar: The Odisha Electricity Regulatory Commission (OERC) has revised the power tariffs in the State which will be implemented with effect from October 1, 2020.

A press note released by the Commission on Wednesday stated, “While approving the average cost of supply as 524.62 paise for the FY 2020-21, the Commission has fixed 270 paise/unit up to 50 units, 450 paise/unit for the consumption above 50 units and up to 200 units, 550 paise/unit for the consumption above 200 units and up to 400 units and 590 paise/unit for the consumption above 400 units for the domestic Category.”

“The average tariff for domestic consumption of 50 units, 100 units, 200 units, 300 units, 400 units and 500 units is Rs 2.70/ kwh, Rs 3.60/kwh, Rs 4.05/kwh, Rs 4.53/kwh, Rs 4.781/kwh and Rs 5.00/kwh respectively, which is around 51.5%, 68.6%, 77.2%, 86.4%, 91.0% and 95.3% of the average cost of supply of 524.62 paise per unit approved by the Commission,” the OERC note further read.

The Commission has approved the distribution loss of 21.34 per cent against the proposed distribution loss 29.22 per cent by distribution companies. Similarly, the Commission has approved aggregated transmission and commercial (AT&C) loss of 22.13 per cent instead of 31.14 per cent proposed by DISCOMs.

Cross subsidy has remained within +/- 20 per cent for all categories (LT/HT/EHT). The average cost of supply for DISCOMs has increased from 499.71 paise / unit in 2019-20 to 524.62 paise / unit in financial year 2020-21.

“However, the revised rates will not be applicable for Kutir Jyoti consumers and also the farmers who are living below the poverty line (BPL),” the OERC added.


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