OMMCOM NEWS IMPACT: 2 Arrested In ‘Girl-Stripped-On-Road’ Viral Video Case

**Baripada:** Two accused persons involved in the viral video of Mayurbhanj got arrested by the police. After Ommcom News posted the video, the Commissionerate police sprung into action and Commissioner of Police Y.B Khurania refuted these allegations stating that the video was shot in Mayurbhanj, not in Bhubaneswar.

The Mayurbhanj Police took swift action after the father of the girl filed an FIR in Baripada Sadar PS. It is found that the video is actually six months old and had been shot on the outskirts of Baripada.

According to sources, both the arrested culprits are identified as Motilal Mohanta and Deepak Mohanta and both of them hail from Jyotipur, Baripada. The third accused is still at large.

Notably, a viral video had surfaced on social media with claims that three engineering students stripped a girl on a dark alley of the capital city recently. The language talked by the accused and the victim was basically of Northern Odisha but media claimed that they belonged to a reputed University of the capital city.


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