Onion Turns Social Media Star

Bhubaneswar: As the country battles a steep onion price rise, the bulb has become an overnight star on social media. Prices of onion have risen to Rs 150 per kg in some markets and so has its popularity on various social media apps and sites including TikTok and YouTube.

While some videos show the onion being stored in private lockers along with cash and gold ornaments, some Tiktokers have portrayed the bulb as a visible symbol of social status. In some videos, the onion is even used in smuggling, drugs trading and gambling.

Taking it to another level, a YouTuber has stated Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to go on a trip to Mars to get onions. The same video shows an onion seller is held more rich and prosperous than an engineer or doctor.

In yet another video circulated by a popular news channel, a woman is glad to receive onions as gift from her male partner. She is seen wearing onions on her ears, neck and forehead as jewellery.


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