Only Narendra Modi’s Speech Can’t Oust Odisha Govt, Need Ability & Public Support: BJD

**Bhubaneswar: ** Soon after BJP’s poster boy and Prime Minister Narendra Modi blew his poll bugle in Odisha today in the run up to the general elections (both Lok Sabha and Assembly polls), pat came the counter reactions of ruling BJD as Modi in his election campaign speech gave a clarion call to the voters to change the incumbent BJD Government here in the State.

Regional media baron and BJD Rajya Sabha member Soumya Ranjan Patnaik lampooned, “Simply delivering speech, Narendra Modi can’t oust the Government (BJD ruled Odisha Government). Narendra Modi and our opposition parties are keen on coming back to power again. Even their allies are also wishing so in Odisha. If we won’t get ousted, how will they come to power? Hence, he hasn’t spoken anything new or strange. Every political party says like this. Even the small parties say that this (BJD) Government should go out of power.”

“But two things are required to throw out a government. One is that of ability of the party or person and secondly the public support. If they (BJP) have the ability and the people support them, this topic can be discussed on May 23,” the senior BJD leader retorted.

BJD spokesperson Sasmit Patra in his reactions said, “Out of our 19 years of tenure, BJP was with BJD for 9 years in our coalition government. For the last five years they (BJP) are in power at the Centre. Is the party lending any supporting hand for development of Odisha?

Taking a dig at the BJP Government at Centre, he listed out, “Let it be coastal highway or the second Brahmani bridge or ESI Hospital or Rourkela Ispat Medical College issue. Demands were mounted on every project, but people of Odisha were fully ditched. Against the required investment of Rs 20,000 crore in the railway sector in Odisha, a mere Rs 1,000 crore was invested. While it was promised to grant Rs 70,000 crore from coal auction, Odisha was given a measly Rs 370 crore. Today the national highway in the State here is in a precarious condition. Banking and telecommunication service in a disarray.”

He further burst, “It was promised in 2014 election that if they (BJP) come to power at the Centre, Odisha would be accorded Special Category Status. Even though five years have elapsed, BJP didn’t give that to Odisha. If they had promised it in their manifesto, why didn’t they fulfil that?”

“Lots of promises were heard but they all turned to be sheer betrayals. Thus, the people of Odisha have already understood and realized that BJP doesn’t wish the development of Odisha. Hence, the people of Odisha will give a fitting reply in 2019 election,” quipped the BJD spokesperson.

Notably, PM Modi in his speech at Koraput’s Jeypore today said, “2019 election is not of a single legislator. It is an election for having double engine of development in both the Centre and State and voting BJP government to power at both the ends. It is an election for making new Odisha and new Bharat (India) in the next five years.”

He also added, “Give this Chowkidar a chance in Odisha and your wishes will be fulfilled. Shouldn’t there be a change in Odisha? Shouldn’t they (BJD Government) be thrown out? Had the incumbent Government in Odisha taken care of your rights and interests, more developmental activities would have taken place here in the State.”

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