Onus To Hike Power Tariff Lies With OERC, Hike After 7 Yrs: Energy Minister

Bhubaneswar: The Odisha Government today washed its hands of over its role in the hike in power tariff announced yesterday which would come into force in the State from October 1.
The government said that the onus to take a decision on power tariff hike lies with the Odisha Electricity Regulatory Commission (OERC).

“The onus to increase the power tariff completely lies with the Odisha Electricity Regulatory Commission. I am accepting the Commission’s decision,” stated Minister of State for Energy Dibya Shankar Mishra today.

Mishra informed that it is after seven years power tariff has been hiked in Odisha and that too only by a mere four percent.

“I believe this decision has been taken by OERC due to increased costs in production, transmission and distribution resulting in increase in cost to company,” the Minister said.

The OERC on Wednesday revised the bulk supply power tariff for Gridco by six per cent with consequential effect on the retail supply tariff (RST).

Power consumers in the State will have to pay higher power tariff of 20 paise per unit for the next six months of the current fiscal with effect from October 1, 2020.

The Commission has fixed 270 paise/unit up to 50 units, 450 paise/unit for consumption above 50 units and up to 200 units, 550 paise/unit above 200 units and up to 400 units and 590 paise/unit above 400 units in the domestic category.