Operation Paree: 82 Children Rescued From Outside Odisha

Bhubaneswar: In the second phase of Operation Paree III, 82 children of the State were rescued from different parts of the country. These children had gone missing over the past few years from Odisha. Among them are 21 girls and 61 boys.

According to the Women and Child Development Department, 20 children have been resuced from Andhra Pradesh, 15 from Tamil Nadu, 9 from Jharkhand, 4 from Telengana, 5 from Maharashtra, 17 from West Bengal, 8 frmo Chhattisgarh and four from New Delhi.

These children had either gone missing or moved away from Odisha for multiple reasons. They have been rescued from shelter homes, bus stations, railway stations and other areas and brought back to Odisha.

The State Government provided funds to the tune of Rs 1.50 lakh to each of the teams which went to different states for rescuing the children. Principal Secretary of W & CD Department Anu Garg has congratulated the teams for successfully rescuing the children and bringing them back to Odisha.

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