‘Operation Radha’: Probe Report On Open Bore Well Pit Submitted

**Angul:** The report on the open borewell pit has been submitted to the District Collector on Tuesday as per the deadline in which the bore well company and a block junior engineer have been indicted for negligence of duty.

Notably, a 3-yr-old girl child Radha fell down in an open pit of bore well at Gulasar village of Jamunali Gram Panchayat around 9 a.m while playing. Scores of fire personnel worked diligently to carry out ‘Operation Radha’ successfully under the guidance of Fire Services DG B.K Sharma.

Angul Collector Anil Samal had ordered for a probe into the incident on why the borewell pit was kept open. He had directed the Lift Irrigation Executive Engineer to submit the enquiry report within a positively and had specifically said that those responsible for it will face action.

According to the report, the work was undertaken by Shri Ganesh Borewell Company of Chhattisgarh which had started the work one month back. The junior engineer of Angul’s Kishan Nagar block was officially entrusted to supervise this work.

As the bore well project failed due to non-oozing of water even after digging 50 ft, it was dropped. But the company did not fill or cover the bore well pit as per the regulations nor did the junior engineer take serious note of it.


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