Ostracized By Villagers, Family Approaches CM For Help

**Bhubaneswar**: A family of 15 members tried to meet CM Naveen Patnaik at his residence, Naveen Niwas alleging that the family has been ostracized by the villagers and the police is also not taking any action.

The main complainant, 52-year-old Gouri Sahoo was wailing in front of Naveen Niwas as her husband, Sanatan Sahoo narrated the whole incident to the media persons present there.

“When I reprimanded the nephews of Bata Sethy, the village sarpanch’s son for pushing two girls on cycle, I was thrashed by them. A meeting was conducted and we were ostracised. The villagers have threatened to kill us if we step into the village. We are living under a tree for the last 8 days,” he cried out.

Gouri has written down her woes in a letter to the CM. The family had decided to die by committing suicide if the CM would not take any action.

“We are stuck either ways. We are not allowed to enter the village and we do not have any place to go. We will die anyhow. Its better to die here fighting for justice,” informed Dina Sahoo, daughter-in-law of Gouri Sahoo.

The Airfield PS officials detained them and re-directed them to ’grievance cell’ of the State.

According to the written complaint, a small tiff between the children of two families in the village led to this grave situation.

Gouri Sahoo alleged that two girls of their family were cycling their way in the village when some boys related to village head Bata Kishore Sethy came and pushed them off their cycles. Her husband Sanatan Sahoo reprimanded the boys for their actions.

Later that day, the boys along with some other people attacked Sanatan Sahoo.

When Gouri Sahoo lodged a complaint with the Khuntuni PS, IIC Satyabrata Lenka did not act. Moreover, this was done at the behest of the village head.He even asked each and every household to ostracize the family, alleges the complainant.


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