OTV Reporter Arindam Dies While Covering Elephant Rescue Operation In Mahanadi

Bhubaneswar: Arindam Das, senior correspondent of electronic media channel Odisha TV (OTV) in Odisha died while covering the rescue operation of an elephant near Mundali in Mahanadi river on Friday.

Reportedly, Das and a cameraman had joined the ODRAF team during the rescue operation today morning. However, the boat used by the ODRAF team capsized after being attacked by the tusker.

The elephant is one among seven others of a herd that were swept away by heavy currents while crossing Mahanadi river near Mundali today morning. It got stuck near Mundali bridge while the remaining six elephants safely reached Nuasasan in Athgarh block of Cuttack district.

A ODRAF team had launched the rescue operation today morning. A boat with seven persons, including Arindam and the cameraman, had entered the river. However, all of them were swept away after the boat capsized.

Subsequently, the elephant rescue operation was stalled and the focus was rescuing the persons. First, three ODRAF personnel were rescued, and later Arindam and the cameraman was rescued in critical condition.

While the cameraman survived the mishap, Arindam died. His death was confirmed by Emergency Officer of SCB Medical College & Hospital, Dr Bhubanananda Maharana.

Arindam had been received dead by the hospital. While doctors attempted to revive him, they failed. Meanwhile, the cameraman is in the ICU and the three ODRAF personnel are also undergoing treatment at the hospital, said Maharana.

Dr Bhubanananda Maharana, Emergency Officer, SCB Medical College & Hospital