Parents Sell Child To Get Smart Phone

**Bhadrak: ** In a very queer incident, a tribal couple sold off their 7-month-old son to acquire a smart phone, jewellery and clothes.

This bizarre incident occurred in Astal village of Bhadrak a week ago but came to light on Monday.

Notably, a tribal couple named Bandia Mukhi and Barsha Mukhi having three children, Shiva Mukhi (10yrs), Priya Mukhi (8 yrs) and Om Mukhi (7-months) had sold their youngest son to a person in Bhubaneswar at the behest of a broker.

After paying a commission of Rs 2000 to the broker, they spent the rest of the amount in buying a smart phone, ornaments and sarees.

The Bhadrak Childline officials unearthed this acting on a tip-off and informed the police.

The police have taken the couple to the police station for interrogation. As per sources, the couple are blaming each other for the act.

“It is suspected that the father was contacted by the broker who took the child for the money. The mother claims to be ignorant of the fact that her son had been sold off. We are trying to trace the missing child. Till then, their elder son is housed in a shelter home. And their daughter is with the mother as she is too small,” according to Sophia Sheikh, Secretary, Ashiana, Bhadrak.

According to locals, acute poverty led them to take this drastic step. It is also suspected that the husband, being a habitual drunkard must have sold his son under the influence of alcohol.

Meanwhile, the police have started their investigation to pin down the broker and get the address of the child in Bhubaneswar.

Childline official Sanjukta Mallick has made it clear that action will be taken as per law.