Patnagarh MLA Expresses ‘Regret’ For Punishing JE Before Public

Bhubaneswar: The high-handed Patnagarh MLA who was caught on camera forcing a Junior Engineer to do sit-ups for shoddy road work, has clarified his act on social media.

However, few hours after the Neta-Engineer fiasco started making rounds on social media, the errant MLA said that he ‘regretted’ the episode, The Patnagarh legislator Saroj Meher said this in a video released on his Facebook account.

According to Meher, there were a lot of complaints about sub-standard road construction in the area and he had gone to the site for an inspection.

“When I reached there, the locals were irked and could have turned violent. Whatever I did was to save myself and the engineer from the fury of the villagers,” Meher clarified.


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