Permission For Seasonal Shops In Bhubaneswar Goes Online

Bhubaneswar: Denizens can now apply online to book space for seasonal business in Bhubaneswar. This is a smart solution for interested vendors. Along with other facilities Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation has provisioned this facility in ‘’ web portal.

Like other facilities in the portal, this is an added solution where off-line resource and time will be reduced thereby promoting transparency and reducing controversy.

Speaking on the services offered through ‘’ Commissioner Prem Chandra Chaudhary said, “Reducing resource and timing is an important aspect in smart solutions. Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation is promoting transparency where vendors will not be worried and there will be no ambiguity. In the present facility of providing link for booking of seasonal stalls, the list of stalls available and prices for different components are well defined.”

Under the online facility, BMC has chalked out 778 stalls of 10×10 feet each coming under three zones. The places where seasonal business spaces are available are Behind nandan Kanan Office, Saheed Nagar and in front of Laxmi Sagar police Station – Laxmisagar under South East Zone; near Gym Centre – Pokhariput, near ICAR gate Aiginia and Jatra Padia – Jagamara under South West Zone; back side of RTO-II office – Patia, in front of Damana Club Field- Damana, Mini stadium hata in front of Jaydev college Naharakanta, in front of Pahal old Phandi – Pahal, side of Club Town Field, Padmabati vihar Yagnya Field, stadium near vurban Primary Health centre – Chandrasekharpur, near Dhirikuti slum Gadakana and near Jagannatha temple Pandara under North Zone of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation.

For different seasonal businesses, vendors can apply online and avail the service on a first come and first serve basis.

Perceiving the upcoming Christmas and New Year seasonal market city administration has enabled the site where interested vendors can apply to book the stalls online for the period of December 20 to January 5, 2021.

BMC has fixed the revenue tariff for the seasonal stall space under three different components. License is mandatory for the business and the price per sq. feet per day is Rs 0.60; ground rent per sq. feet per day is Rs 1.60 and sanitation charge is Rs 50 per day per stall told Srimanta Mishra, Deputy Commissioner (Revenue).

Such facility for vendors will be opened for different seasonal business in future times. On the other hand citizens would come to know the seasonal market points for a hassle free and pleasure seasonal marketing in the temple city. However, authority won’t allow running seasonal business in other places and road sides other than demarcated area action would be taken against the violators.