Pet Dog Sacrifices Life To Save Odisha Family From Cobra

**Jatni: ** Dog is a man’s best friend indeed. It is such a friend that does not think twice before giving up its life for their owner.

A loyal dog named Tyson is being hailed as a hero after sacrificing his own life to save his owner’s family from a venomous cobra. The Dalmatian found a deadly cobra in the courtyard of his master Amin Sharif’s house in Odisha’s Jatni at around 2 am.

The one-and half year old pet started barking loudly and got into a furious battle with the reptile in a bid to foil its plan to enter the house. It killed the snake just a few feet away from the main entrance, but was bitten by the venomous snake near the mouth.

“We heard continuous barking at around 2 am. When looked outside, we found Tyson having a battle with cobra barely a metre away from our doorstep. The snake died but it had bit our beloved pet. We tried to call the veterinary doctors to get an anti-venom dose for Tyson but no one picked our call at the unearthly hour. Moreover, the government veterinary hospitals also get closed after office hours. He saved our lives but unfortunately we were not able to save his life,” said Amin Sharif talking to OMMCOM NEWS.

Amin lives with his parents, grandmother, uncle and aunt in the house at Jatni in Khordha district. His grandmother used to wake up early at 4 am and took a stroll in the courtyard every day. The timely and heroic deed of Tyson saved the whole family from untimely death. Tyson was one and half year old Dalmatian loved by one and all in the family.

“The kind of loyalty shown by the canine and his supreme sacrifice cannot be forgotten by our family,” said a shaken Amin.

Snake-man of Odisha, Suvendhu Malik said to OMMCOM NEWS, “It is disheartening that there are so many hospitals to cater to humans 24X7, but when an animal is hurt, there are no emergency hospitals for them.

The OUAT remains closed at night. If anti-venom was administered to Tyson in time, it might have been saved.”