Petrol At Rs 93 & Diesel At Rs 90, Govt Has Failed India’s Consumer: BJD

Bhubaneswar: In the last 44 days, diesel and petrol prices have risen 17 times directly impacting the cost of essential goods. Today, the rate of petrol is Rs 93 and diesel Rs 90 in Odisha, compounding the problems of the common man, BJD General Secretary Sanjay Dasburma said today.

“Though the Union Finance Minister had assumed the burden of the new cess on fuel will not fall on the general public, prices of petrol and diesel have surged 7 times since this announcement,” the BJD leader said.

“We demand the Centre to explain what was the compulsion behind introducing this new cess and letting the common people suffer,” he added. Dasburma said when the price of crude oil had increased in the world market in 2015, the rate of petrol and diesel in India was within Rs 65 per litre.

In 2021, the price of crude oil in the world market is USD 61 per barrel, but the rate of petrol and diesel has been hiked to 93 and 90 rupees, he added.

“This anti-people policy of the Central Government should be withdrawn immediately. Besides, the rate of LPG domestic cylinder has reached Rs 745 per unit. This concern should also be addressed at the earliest,” Dasburma added.