Pickpockets Menace On Mo Bus Cause Of Concern For Passengers

Bhubaneswar: Pickpockets seem to have a field day while moving in Mo Bus in Bhubaneswar. Over the past few days, multiple incidents of passengers being looted in the city bus have come to the fore.

In the recent case, mobile phones of two students were stolen while travelling on Mo Bus between Vani Vihar square and Palasuni on Thursday

According to reports, two girl students after reaching Palasuni spotted that their phones have vanished from their bags. The duo reported the matter to local police.

On Wednesday, a cancer patient travelling in Mo Bus, from Baramunda to Cuttack lost Rs 15,000 cash. The money was reportedly stolen while he was travelling in Mo Bus. Similar incidents were reported last week.

While cases have been registered in these incidents, arrests are yet to be made. The police have increased surveillance and investigating into the cases further.