Pipili Gang Rape Verdict: Pradeep Maharathy Regrets His Statement Honouring Court’s Decision

**Bhubaneswar:** After facing a lot of backlash over his statement on honouring the court’s verdict of acquitting the prime accused in Pipili gang rape and murder, Pipili MLA Maharathy has expressed regret and said, “I am deeply saddened, if my statements have hurt anyone.”

“I am very straight-forward. If my friends of Congress and BJP reacted in such an extreme way, then I am left with no option. But, it was not intentional to express such statement about a woman of my constituency. If it has hurt them, then I regret it,” he said.

A day after the court of law acquitted two main accused of the sensational Pipili gang rape and murder case due to lack of corroborative evidence, Pradeep Maharathy in his reactions had expressed his sorrow for such an unfortunate incident and simultaneously welcomed the court’s judgement dubbing truth prevailed.

Soon after, hundreds of women Congress activists gheraoed Maharathy’s residence and even hurled eggs, tomatoes and brooms for his reactions on the Pipili gang rape and murder verdict. BJP leaders too demanded his resignation over such statement.

Meanwhile, the Crime Branch has decided to move the Orissa High Court challenging Bhubaneswar ADJ Court’s December 27 verdict which acquitted prime accused Prasant Pradhan and his brother Sukant in the Pipili gang rape case of 2011.

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