Pledge To Stay Indoors & Keep Coronavirus At Bay: Naveen Urges People Of Odisha

Bhubaneswar: In a message to the people of Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik urged one and all to respect the Statewide Lockdown and abide by the Government’s regulations in letter and spirit.

During the address, the Chief Minister launched ‘Mo Jiban‘ programme dedicated to the people of the State for fighting Coronavirus.

Under the ‘Mo Jiban’ programme, people will have been requested to pledge to stay at home during this period of crisis. The idea is simple, everyone needs to promise in the name of their family members to stay indoors and keep Coronavirus at bay.

People can paste the pledge infront of their houses, and also shoot a video and send it to the Chief Minister over social media.

Addressing the people in a video message the Chief Minister said:

We are all aware of the nature of Coronavirus and the gravity of the situation we all are facing today.

This virus was in China, it was in Europe, in the Americas. It was very far away. It has reached Delhi, it is approaching closer to our homes.

For our own safety and the safety of our families, it is our responsibility to not allow Coronavirus enter our home.

That is why this Lockdown in Odisha.

“In the last 20 years of service to Odisha, I have requested you all many times to follow certain regulations and you have never disappointed me. For this I am ever obliged and grateful to you all.”

However, the request that I am placing before you today, is the most important one of my life.

Our safety is in our own hands. Whether Coronavirus enters our home or not, depends on our behaviour.

If you are alert and watchful, this virus cannot enter your home.

Let us read this PLEDGE on a daily basis:

I promise in the name of my children and parents that I will not go out during these times. If I go out, Coronavirus can come inside my house with me. And it can harm my family.

If I need to go out for an emergency task, then after returning, I will wash my hands cleanly with a soap for 20 seconds and then enter into the house.

I will not allow Coronavirus to enter into my house. I will not be the reason of danger for my family.

Let us read this pledge along with our family members on a daily basis. Let us put this pledge on display on the entrance of our houses.

Make a video while reading this pledge and send it to me over social media.

My beloved people of Odisha, please keep my request – Stay at Home, Save Your Family.

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