PM Modi Shows Displeasure & Reacts Angrily When Asked About Rafale Deal In TV Interview

**Bhubaneswar:** In an exclusive interview to national channel ABP News, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed displeasure and reacted angrily when he was asked about favoritism in controversial Rafale deal.

As soon as the interviewers put forth the question of Modi’s ‘special treatment’ towards Anil Ambani regarding Rafale deal, the Prime Minister retorted, “Don’t you have faith in the Supreme Court, the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) and the French Government?”. On December 14, Supreme Court said that it has no objection to any part of the Rafale deal and there was no reason to doubt the decision-making process in the billion-dollar deal.

The PM also said, “Does ABP News not believe what the government has said in the Parliament? If that is the case, then it is very unfortunate.”

He continued, “Those who are spreading lies were never questioned. The entire (Nehru-Gandhi) family has been found guilty in corruption charges with proof (referring to the ED chargesheet in Agusta Westland case), but they are still not being questioned. Instead, I am being questioned on false claims.”

Watch the interview here:


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