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Polavaram: ‘Stop Work Order’ Further Kept In Abeyance By Centre Favouring Andhra Sparks Off Reactions In Odisha

11 July 2018

Ajesh Mallick

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Bhubaneswar: Despite Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s letter to the Union Environment, Forest & Climate Change Minister on June 3, 2018 complaining against the Centre’s practice of ‘Stop Work Order’ being repeatedly kept in abeyance in a bid to favour Andhra Pradesh, the same repetition on July 10, 2018 has ignited ire in Odisha.

The Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change in his recent office memorandum mentions, “Now, in pursuance of request made by the Government of Andhra Pradesh as well as Ministry of Water Resources, RD & GR, this ‘Stop Work Order’ dated 8.2.2011, is further kept in abeyance for a period of one more year with effect from 3.7.2018 9i.e. from 3.7.2018 to 2.7.2019) subject to the same terms and conditions as mentioned in the aforesaid OM dated 23.06.2015.”

In his media reactions, BJD spokesperson Sasmit Patra said, “So far Polavaram is concerned, our Chief Minister on June 3, 2018 had written letter to the Minister of Environment and Forest that the way the ‘Stop Work Order’ is being kept in abeyance and being extended every year and by doing so facilitating Andhra Pradesh, it should not be.”

He argued, “Till date, it has not availed forest clearance. The mandatory Gram Sabha in Odisha side has also not been convened. The minimum statutory provisions as per the Indian Environmental Law have also not been adhered to.”

“Yet again the Stop Work Order has been termed as kept in abeyance and Andhra has been facilitated to carrying on its work for one more year. This act is completely condemnable. Our BJD clearly states that BJP-led Central Government is resorting to double standard,” the BJD spokesperson bursts.

On the contrary, no BJP spokesperson were available for their counter reactions on it despite concerted efforts by OMMCOM NEWS.

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Sasmit Patra, Spokesperson, BJD