Pollution Free Bharat Bandh In Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: Today’s shutdown-Bharat bandh in Bhubaneswar had an unusual feature.

Won’t keep you guessing for long, the protestors this time shunned burning of tyres.

Tyre burning to obstruct movement of traffic which was a cardinal feature of bandhs earlier was missing today.

Till reports last came in there were no reports of tyre burning in the city.

A senior leader of CPI (M) Janardhan Pati had yesterday categorically said that the protestors would not indulge in tyre burning as a concern towards curbing air pollution which is already high.

“There will be no tyre burning during the bandh. We have appealed all not to burn tyres as it causes pollution. Pollution is already we do not want to add to it,” Pati had said yesterday.

“We had made a rule that tyres won’t be burnt. Earlier, there used to smoke due to tyre burning, the entire place would get enveloped in smoke. Look, there is no smoke in entire Bhubaneswar city. When people are supporting the cause of the bandh why should there be tyre burning?” pointed out Judisthira Mahapatra, Secretary State Unit of CPI (ML).   

Judisthira Mahapatra, State Secretary, CPI (ML)

Janardhan Pati, Senior CPI (M) Leader


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